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Israel Email List

Postby nuralam » Sun Jun 16, 2019 10:14 pm

Recently an old friend who was visiting Las Vegas asked me about the Internet and my online marketing experiences. He's a long time marketing pro with a very niche business, now retired.

He'd never done much online promotion or marketing and he asked me how it all worked. Well sorry, but that would take more than a Starbucks visit to explain.

So I told him a story that got him laughing, which I'll share with you too. Then we did a little experiment, right from Starbucks, which I think you'll get a kick out of as well, especially when you can duplicate this yourself one day.

First, the story - Then some tips you can use:
It was a rainy Saturday and my plans for the weekend had been cancelled and I was bored. You know how boring Las Vegas can be, right?

I looked at my "To do" list and realized that I'd been procrastinating. So, you might think I'd go to work on that list. Not so fast. I had another idea, which ultimately proved once again, the power of the Internet. But more on that in a minute.

I decided to start an online group for people who've been accused of being procrastinators but wanted to prove that they are not procrastinators. Silly, right? yup. Eventually profitable? I'll show you.

I am no online techie. I learned to create simple web pages and blog pages, which are now easier than ever and with no technical skill. So, I decided to play around with my idea.

I wrote a special report page for those who've been wrongly accused of procrastinating.

This was designed as a humorous piece and thankfully, according to most reports, it proved to be just that, from chuckles to LOL.

I wrote a silly piece that since a true procrastinator would never join such an organization, the provisional memberships were always terminated within 24 hours by the Chairman Of The Bored.

This termination letter was proof that anyone actually joining couldn't be a procrastinator, thus proving to all who've ever accused them of same that they were wrong, etc.

Well, this is all just goofy right? Right. But, and here's the lesson and maybe even for you an AHA. I sold this thing. Sure, for only $7.00, but people were not only paying for it, they were buying memberships to send to friends, etc, too. Now I didn't make any huge money from this, but it was fun.

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