Bugs and tips

Discuss any Habit Browser related bugs and issues you are encountering here, and a forum member may be able to assist you. This forum is not monitored by the developer, so please e-mail the developer for a faster and more accurate response.
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Bugs and tips

Postby MzArchr » Fri May 19, 2017 7:29 pm

Sharing from an anonymous e-mail sent to the forum.

Maybe BUG in Habit v1.1.75 browser:

I use big screen resolution tablet.

... View | All menu panel

There are settings in sliders,
but the selectable maximum value different,
when i holding in Portrait or Landscape
my tablet.
(In vertical holding possible
to select the bigger value
to horizontal setting(!).)

Maybe other BUG:

View / Action toolbar / Item settings

The text "Display long press image"
always the same, missing the on/off text.
(The function works well on icons.)

Maybe other BUG:

I can't open from SD card local *.html file in Habit browser
(examlpe from Xplore file manager)

My new idea:

View / Action toolbar / Item settings / (Icon setting)
Tap: Page up
Long press: Slow scroll up <- that new needed.

Need two new __slow__ scroll option:
Slow scroll up,
Slow scroll down.

So, when i tap the icon,
the web page will be paged up.
But sometimes,
the picture visible only partially, so
only small adjust is needed,
to viewing it fully.
If slow scroll avaiable,
then i only hold short time the icon,
and the page adjusted.
(Similary the other icon page down and slow scroll down.)

My new idea:

Need page [up/down] height setting 50% ... 100% .

My new idea:

In "full menu panel"
the icons and functions
too much for me.
Need other, example
"Full menu panel custom",
where i can remove (take away) the icons,
witch are unnecessary me.

My new idea:

I use tablet pc, with big screen.
In "full menu panel" the icons horizontal size
need longer,
so the icons text fully readable.
Below the small icons == truncated the text.

Minor BUG:

Settings / View / Theme / Edit /
Speed dial
item background

When i change the color and transparency,
it does not produce the effect,
only when i exit the browser and start it again.

Minor problem:

... view / address bar

Always show [ ] == OFF,
then is good.
typing invalid URL in address bar,
arrive new page: Web page not available
but here need the address bar,
to typing the new URL.
(Maybe need new option in setup to enable it.)

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Re: Bugs and tips

Postby mp107 » Sat Jun 03, 2017 1:55 pm

Welcome, as it is my first post here.

Might be more convenient to put particular bug descriptions for example in the quote tags or to put in the first post only a list of the bugs titles (if editing after reply is possible here) and full descriptions in the posts in the thread.

And some bugs from me.

Sometimes the menu bar (which location I set to the bottom) disappears even though I have set it to be visible all the time.

When View -> Address bar -> Show address bar with new tab enabled I have to tap two times in order to go to the website on speed dial.

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